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We are a Company based in the South West of England who specialise in cosmetic surface coating and repairs.

Any surface which has become scratched, dented, chipped can be restored by us to look like new. We are able to repair any surface - everything from baths to brickwork, Worktops to windows, Floors to doors and just about everything in between - right up to the roof.

We Repair: Chips in Baths, Showers, Laminate Flooring,  Kitchen Worktops,  Stone,  Marble, Powder Coated Surfaces, Plastic and more...

Telephone us on 01392 215656 or use the contact form to send us a message.


Don't despair! Repair not replace!

If it's broken, scratched, chipped, dented or burnt - don't replace, let us repair or refinish at a fraction of the cost.

What Our Clients Say

  • On site today the Tiller dropped his tile in the bath woops, so we attended and within just two hours the chip was gone. Another invisible repair by CHP Finishing Services.
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